Marketing Integration Development

Creating Powerful Automation & Personalisation Integrations for Advertisers Globally.

Things move fast in the digital marketing industry! When I first started working as a Digital Marketing Consultant, many of the organisations we built strategies for were completely new to digital marketing. It was more of an experiment than a serious channel, with most of their new business being acquired through the Yellow Pages or ATL activity.

With 9 years of hindsight, I can completely appreciate the apprehension of the Marketing Managers and Business Owners of the time. Back then, visibility over their web activity was sparse at best, with Google only just rolling out the 'new' Google Analytics platform in Australia the year I started work in the industry. Fast forward 9 years (and 3 agencies) and much has changed - not just in the industry, but in my life as well.

Gone are the days where you front-load your marketing strategy, creating your marketing assets/copy, developing your audience and delivery schedule and hitting the proverbial 'launch' button. If only things were still that simple! Now, you have an array of third-party automation which is largely 'blackboxed' and difficult to predict (especially when radicle changes in user behavior occurs both on and offline - I'm looking at you COVID-19).

Whats more, we have users who are expecting a balance of personalization, and not just in the ads they see but what happens after an impressions or interaction such as tailored content dynamic to their situation on your website or app, and privacy; not to mention privacy regulators and legislation which can significancy degrade the impact of marketing and reporting when relying on third-party services.

As such, around 6, after seeing a growing need for marketing technology expertise in the marketing industry, I moved away from the day-to-day management of marketing campaigns and now focus on developing custom campaign automation solutions as well as 1:1 personalisation experiences (such as tailoring website and app content dynamically based on user attributes, bridging the gap between an ad and your content).

If you have a marketing automation of personalisation idea you want to bring to life, or want to chat about what is possible in custom experience enhancement and marketing automation is 2021, hit me up!

  • CX Centric Strategy Creation.
  • E-commerce, Publishers & Branding.
  • Multichannel & Omnichannel CX Enrichment.
  • Scalable Integration Development.
  • 9 Years Agency Experience.

Digital Marketing Stack

Right at home working with Google's marketing technology stack over the last seven years

Google Ads

    • Shopping & Local Inventory Ads.
    • Display, App & Video Ad Campaigns.
    • Advanced Custom Script Creation.
    • Fully Google Ads Certified.

Google Analytics

    • Data Studio, Optimize 360, BigQuery.
    • Advanced Customization Experience.
    • Forensic Data Analysis & Mapping.
    • Fully Google Analytics Certified.

Google Tag Manager

    • Custom dataLayer Implementation.
    • Deployment in SPA Environments.
    • Advanced Debugging & Review.
    • Governance & Management Training.

Additional Platforms

Because It's not all about Google (believe it or not), here are some other platforms I have worked with over the last 6 years.

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