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Why I’m like this and how it happened – all your burning questions

Black, No Sugar

I love a good black tea (no milk or sugar) & recently discovered I drink (on average.) 1,820 cups per year. #sendHelp

Before we can begin our journey together, I have to tell you something that could change everything: I’m from Tasmania, and I’ve been this way for almost 33 years now. Before you ask, yes, I probably know that friend you have from Tasmania – we might even be related!

Don’t fret, I have seen the civilisation that the ‘Mainland’ has to offer; indeed, I spent over 11 in working as a Digital Technology and Marketing Consultant for several Google Partnered agencies based in mainland Australia.

This is all quite a change from my life back in Tasmania; back then I was a verified music nerd, spending most of my time performing, composing and arranging for, as well as touring nationally with, a number of ensembles, including the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, the Hobart Wind Symphony, and Derwent Symphony Orchestra. I was, for a number of years, doing music 6 days a week.

After 15 years of pursuing music both practically and academically, I was very ready to have a break (and, let’s be honest, experience some warmer weather), and so I set my sights on a mystical place they called ‘the Mainland’. By January 2012, I embarked on what I thought was going to be a holiday – little did I know it would reshape my entire future.

Quite by accident, I found work as a Digital Marketing Consultant with one of APAC’s largest Google Premier Partner. It was here I was first introduced to the Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Technology that I have worked with daily ever since. 

Fast forward 10 years, I figured it was time to come back home after my ‘Mainland’ holiday, and in 2020 I returned to the Apple Isle (mostly to show off my glorious tan). I now work as a freelance Technology Consultant and Solutions Architect, partnering with some of the worlds largest brands and agencies, globally.


Pushing the Capabilities of Business and Marketing Technologies to Gain Deeper Insight, and Forge Unique Experiences.

Data Collection & Analytics

Helping organisations manage the full data lifecycle both on and offline. Got an Analytics or Tagging issue that you cant’t seem to get past? Chances are I’m your chap!

Marketing Integrations

Developing powerful marketing integrations and personalisation enhancements to close the loop between marketing and content delivery for advertisers globally.

Web Technology

Creating and extending technologies to enhance user experiences and unbox strategy through the development of web apps, integrations and APIs.