Data Collection & Analytics

Helping Organisations Collect, Manage, and Put Their Data to Work.
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The world of data and analytics is incredibly dynamic, from new technologies promising to ‘answer all our data questions’, to regulatory authorities pushing increasingly restrictive laws governing user privacy, it can be hard to keep up; there is never a dull moment!

When I think back to when I first started working as a Business and Marketing Analyst over a decade ago, the data we had access to, and the means by which we could analyse it, was somewhat limited; this was a world where some organisations were still reviewing server logs to get a read of website traffic, and where most actions occurred exclusively on or offline.

Fast forward to 2023 and we are facing the opposite challenge, with so much data propagating from our business operations and marketing tech stack, organisations often find themselves in a state of paralysis, not knowing how to put all this information to work.

I have had the privilege of helping organisations worldwide solve these challenges, from establishing tailored data collection solutions (both online and offline, tracking websites, web apps, and native apps) to programmatically using the data to automate marketing campaigns, business processes, and enrich reporting capabilities.

If you need help with server-side or client-side tagging (using Google Tag Manager, Segment, or Zaraz), understanding your regulatory obligations (under the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, or APA), mapping the flow and transformation of data through your organisation, setting up and using Google Analytics 4 or Facebook Conversions API, or just need help figuring out why your data looks strange, I’m your chap!

Regulatory Compliance Consultation.

Unstructured Data Processing & Analysis.

Server and Client GTM Tagging.

TikTok, Facebook, Google Ads Tracking.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Support

First Party Data + Martech Integrations.


From collection of the data & tagging, to consumption & utilisation in Google or SiteCore Analytics.

Data Collection

Experience developing & orchestrating fully integrated, first-party collection strategies on various surfaces.

1P Tagging & Data Mapping.

Firebase Firestore & Realtime Storage.

Google Tag Manager &

Server and Client-side Data Collection.

Processing & Integrity

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to assist in the classification and unification of datasets of all sizes.

Google Apps Script & Sheets API.

Natural Language Processing.

Optical Recognition & Classification.

1P Neural Networks Creation.

Reporting & Analysis

Bringing data to life with dynamic dashboards, documentation and data visualisation.

PowerBI & Datastudio Dashboards.

Deep Google Analytics Auditing.

Reporting Systems Integration.

Data-Driven Personalisation.


Working with massive structured and unstructured databases burns calories! Here’s the tech stack I’ve worked with.


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