Data Collection & Analytics

Helping Organisations Collect, Manage, and Put Their Data to Work.

When I first started working with web analytics platforms, the data available was somewhat limited in its applicability. Indeed, many organisations - especially those who needed to understand who their users are, not just what they are doing - were left with a whole heap of data which often was put into a marketing report, glanced at briefly and then never looked at again (or which they didn't really trust or understand).

Over 9 years later, the availability and richness of the data is no longer the issue, with an influx of analytics and marketing vendors promising to 'answer all our data questions'. But the sheer volume of different data-points we have to work with now in 2021 has created a whole new challenge: consuming that data in a meaningful way, and applying it as actionable business/marketing intelligence.

And this assumes your data is accurate or compliant with the laws governing data collection in the region of your market. For this reason, I have spent the last 6 years helping businesses use their data to make decisions by mapping how data is collected (both on and offline), how it flows and transforms through an organisation, and how to manage and consume this data in a way that helps all stakeholders apply it meaningfully to their objectives.

Chances are, if you have sone strange things going on your your data in Google Analytics, have some tricky tracking to set up in Google Tag Manager, or just done know where to start to get data integrated properly, I'm your chap!

  • Regulatory Compliance Consultation.
  • Unstructured Data Analysis & Processing.
  • Data Security Architecture.
  • Data Unification Experience.
  • APPs, GDPR, CCPA, & LGPD Experience.
  • First Part Data + Martech Integrations.

The Whole Data Lifecyle Covered

From collection of the data & tagging, to consumption & utilisation in Google or SiteCore Analytics.

Data Collection

    • 1P Tagging Decency & Data Mapping.
    • Firebase Firestore & Realtime Storage.
    • Google Tag Manager &
    • noSLQ Databases and Google Sheets.

Processing & Integrity

    • Google Apps Script & Sheets API.
    • Natural Language Processing.
    • Optical Recognition & Classification.
    • Creation of Neural Networks in Node.

Reporting & Analysis

    • PowerBI & Datastudio Dashboards.
    • Deep Google Analytics Auditing.
    • Reporting Systems Integration
    • Tableau & Geckoboard.

Additional BI Platforms

Working with massive structured and unstructured databases burns calories! Here's the tech stack I've worked with.

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