We all have deadlines; here are all the important deadlines you need to keep track of in the world of marketing and analytics.


The curtain’s coming down on Universal Analytics (UA) and its data collection. It’s the end of an era. Universal Analytics has been the backbone of how we understand user behavior and engagement for years now. But as of July 1st, 2023, no new data will be sent to UA, even if you have tags on your site. Google is pushing marketers and analysts to use their next evolution of their product known as Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Now is the time to ensure you have GA4 set up and you have switched over your data sources in any reports.

Time remaining until Universal Analytics stops collecting data.

if you’ve got a website, odds are you’re started using GA4 to keep tabs on traffic, engagement, and all the fun stuff that GA4 lets you track. But have you ever heard of data sampling in GA4? Trust me, this is one topic you can’t afford to ignore. So, sit tight because we’re about to…
Ah, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). It’s the ever-changing, always evolving beast that we hate to love and we love to hate (sometimes, anyway). GA4 is nothing short of a digital analytics powerhouse that allows you to dig deep into user behavior, campaign performance, and so much more. But let’s face it, it’s not all rainbows…


The cookie has finally crumbled. For years, these little files have been the invisible heroes and villains of our online lives. They’ve tracked our activities, shaped our digital experiences and, let’s face it, given marketing technologies some pretty insane superpowers (for better or worse). But there are some changes afoot. Google Chrome is phasing out third-party cookies and are on track to do so by Q1 of 2024, leading us towards a more privacy-centric online landscape.

Time remaining until Google Chrome deprecates 3rd party cookies (exact date TBC).

Picture this: You’re a marketer with a killer campaign, rich in data analytics, laser-targeted to your audience’s most intimate preferences. Then, BOOM! New privacy laws hit, and your meticulously crafted campaign is suddenly skating on thin ice. Welcome to the future of marketing in Australia, post-2024. You probably heard about the recent updates to Australian…
Imagine you’re booting up into a world where your data privacy is top-of-the-mind, where your personal info is treated like solid gold, and where you, as an explorer of the internet (dare I say, an ‘Internet Explorer), feel like the king or queen of your castle. If you’ve been hanging out Down Under (or in…


Google decided it’s time to pack up the old and bring in the new, and by July 1st, 2024, Universal Analytics (UA) is taking a bow, leaving behind the digital footprints of a multitude of users. Whilst many of us have been focused on ensuring that we have Google Analytics 4 (GA4, the next evolution of their analytics product) set up and running, we need to protect the data we already have in UA before it gets permanently deleted. If you don’t have an export and warehousing plan in place, you might want to get started!

Time remaining until Universal Analytics is shutdown permanently and data is lost.

Welcome to the vibrant world of UTM tags in our dive into the fascinating universe of UTM tags—your new best friend (don’t tell your dog!) for slicing through the digital marketing fog. If you’re spinning up content, launching campaigns, or just want to geek out on user tracking and personalisation, getting a grip on UTM…
Indulge me, for a moment, and imagine you’re on an intriguing quest to brew the perfect cup of tea. Now, it’s not just about the final soothing sip, but the entire journey that takes you there – selecting the right tea leaves, setting the perfect water temperature, ensuring the optimal steeping time, and more. Each…

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